Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jaswho? // Re:Droid Musik

After the release of his Nudroid Musik album in November 2010, Jaswho was approached by a number of producers interested in remixing tracks from the album. Over the past six months, Jaswho has been in contact with some of the biggest names in dance music getting remixes together for his follow up release titled, Re:Droid Musik. The Re:Droid Musik CD features remixes by Miles Dyson, Santiago/Bushido, Cold Blank, Calvertron, Aniki, Larry Fives, Hollywood Rox, Aaren San, George F, DJ Fame, 40 Thieves, Sunshine Jones, Ben Tom, Soulspin & more. With remixes in a number of different genres ranging from Electro, Dubstep & Tech House, this is sure to be one of the biggest dance music releases of the summer. Available now via Beatport and out physically on CD on June 28th.

Here are a couple tracks to get your whistle wet:

Click Here to Download Jaswho? // Like This (Calvertron Remix)

Click Here to Download Jaswho? // My History (40 Thieves Remix)