Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Мишка Presents Keep Watch Vol. XXI // 12th Planet

Download Keep Watch Vol. XXI: 12th Planet (Click Here)

"Hide ya kids, hide ya wife – The 21st edition of Keep Watch finds 12th Planet taking the reigns. There is something particularly attractive about this one, with a tracklisting featuring the finest examples of the various directions of the ‘umbrella term’ that is Dubstep. Currently, the scene is in a mass overhaul – where the traditional ambiance of the genre has been set aside: traded in for powertools, funkier synths and wilder audiences. Leading this party scene is L.A.’s freshly crowned King of Dubstep, 12th Planet… and his first line of business is bringing out your bass face.

A rare studio mix from 12th Planet this monstrous mix delivers a set of 37 tracks in 1 hour that displays his diverse taste in low end frequencies and his superb skills on the decks. Keep Watch Vol. XXI features some of 12th Plaent’s latest remixes and exclusive content from Skream, Skrillex, Dub Police, and Flinch. This mix is not for the lighthearted. Turn it up loud and prepare yourself for world domination in 2011!

After touring the world as Drum & Bass maestro Infiltrata, and winning over icons such as Goldie, Photek, and DJ Craze, John Dadzie gave himself a new name, sound, and mission. It was 2005 and the gentile beatmaker was inspired by sounds he heard from the likes Technical Itch, Skream, and Benga. That sound was Dubstep, and it was his calling. Infiltrata re-dubbed himself 12th Planet and that is where rge story really begins.

Thanks to 12th Planet, Dubstep, what was largely a British movement has suddenly and dramatically taken hold of Los Angeles. Like the mythological twelfth planet (popularized by controversial author Zecharia Sitchin), our bass heavy hero flies perpendicular to the system. His wicked beats are off axis and his subsonic frequencies will send you into orbit. America’s first heir to the Dubstep crown is ready for impact!" – McG


1) Trouble Man Intro
2) Flinch – Midnite Hustle (AC & Dell, 12th Planet VIP)
3) Statelapse – Mad House
4) Excision & Downlink – Reploid
5) Trolley Snatcha – Rocco’s Revenge
6) The Others – GTFO
7) 16Bit - FRZR3000
8) Noah D. – SRS VIP
9) Benga- Dirty Face
10) Joker – Instrumental
11) Rusko – Hold On (12th planet Remix)
12) Flux Pavillion – I Can’t Stop
13) Ras Kass – West Coast Dub
14) Skream – Listenin’ to Records on my Wall
15) DJ Sneak – Southern Boy (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
16) I Square – Hey Sexy lady (Skrillex Remix)
17) Doctor P. – Badman SOund
18) Monstar – Put Ya Hands Up
19) Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. – Sunshine (12th Planet Remix)
20) Datsik – Domino
21) Jakes – Justice
22) Skream – CTO
23) Mala – Eyez
24) Skream – Put Ya Knees Up
25) Distance – D.E.V.A.S.T.A.T.O.R.
26) Trolley Snatcha – Passin’ Me By
27) 12th Planet & Antiserum – Purple & Gold
28) DJ Die & Fabio – Brite Lights (Joker Remix)
29) 12th Planet & Datsik – Texx Mars
30) Jinder – Youth Blood (12th Planet Remix)
31) Subscape – Just Coz
32) Caspa – Geordie Racer
33) Benga – Lil’ Bits
34) Silkie – 80′s Baby
35) Boregore – Act Like a Hoe
36) Rusko – Do You Wanna Have a Party?
37) Breakage – It’s Over (feat. Roses Gabor)

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