Friday, November 19, 2010

Imaginary Foundation // Undivided Mind Opening (SF)

"Apparel and artist collective, Imaginary Foundation, have done their best Beautiful Mind transformation and created what looks like an insane installation, The Undivided Mind, at the old FIFTY24SF Gallery on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. We knew the brand did t-shirts, but damn, these paintings and the entire set-up looks like an entire new universe.

The press reads, "The installation endeavors to fuse the aesthetic beauty of art and science in order to create a synthesis of mind, one which is as much rational as it is fantastic. Think of this undivided mind as a prototype of human possibility—an evolutionary signal of convergence, harmony, and accelerated progress."

They are definitely on some other planetary material here. We like it." - Juxtapoz

Now read the Imaginary Foundation explanation:

The artist and scientist may at first seem strange bedfellows. Of the many human disciplines, there are few that could seem more divergent. The artist employs image and metaphor; the scientist uses number and equation. Art creates illusions meant to evoke emotion, while science engages in the pursuit of empirical verification. There is, to some degree, a physiological cause for this apparent divergence: the two halves, or hemispheres, of the brain.

The right side of the brain is responsible for emotions and intuition, the left for logic and reason. Yet the notion of two brains gives rise to the function of one mind. Perhaps it is this one “undivided mind” that presents a way forward through the monumental cultural changes we now face, enabling us to surf this dynamic moment in history from a platform of balance and symmetry.








Imaginary Foundation
The Undivided Mind
Opening reception tonight, November 19th, 7—Midnight.
November 19—28, 2010
248 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, California

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