Friday, July 22, 2011

Nostalgia 77 // Hush
Ben Lamdin continues to push Jazz into a new era. His latest release, 'The Sleepwalking Society' is rich with blues and folk undertones, with Jazz remaining at the core. "Hush," the closing track and lullaby to the album is a perfect example of how Ben Lamdin mixes authentic and futuristic Jazz to his productions. The track grabbed the ears and attention of renown director and photographer, Steve Glashier - who has now made the track visually come to life.

Using archived footage from a 1960's bicycle safety video, Glashier's clever and unique editing synchs perfectly with the melancholy feel of the song. The relaxed brushes, tinkling piano delays, melodic moans of the tenor sax, and the sorrowful crescendos of the bass clarinet give you a dream-like state of mind. The video follows a group of kids wearing 1960's fashion attire, ape masks and long tails as they slowly ride around a suburban neighborhood on bicycles. The dream gets deeper with fanciful scenes of shadows, slow-motion pedaling and artful close-ups. Check out the video below.

Lookout for Nostalgia 77's 'Beautiful Lie' EP later this month, which features remixes and live versions taken from 'The Sleepwalking Society.