Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Label Love // Vol. 2

Label Love Vol. 2 Cover Art
We are pleased to announce that a new installment of the free compilation 'Label Love' was recently released. This volume carries a uniquely warm, soulful vibe making it perfect soundtrack for dreaming away those dreary winter days.

Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe - each track plucked and presented by label heads from Melting Pot, Ninja Tune, One-Handed, Plug Research, Tru Thoughts and Ubiquity.

Each label evokes its own signature sound giving this collection a diversified and interesting flow of genres. Label Love consists of nostalgic classics, fresh unreleased gems and other dope, exclusive selections with the goal of expanding minds to new styles, vibrations and colors.

Feel free to blog, play, tweet, blast, post, etc … please share the love.

Click Here to Download Label Love - Vol. 2

1. Hidden Orchestra - Wandering (Tru Thoughts
2. Sonnymoon - Blast Off (Plug Research)

3. Full Crate - Never Never (Melting Pot)

4. Paul White - Every Breath (One-Handed)

5. Jed and Lucia - Painted Stars Refix (Ubiquity)

6. Bilal - Lost My Mind (Plug Research)

7. Maddslinky - Ruled By Your Motions (Tru Thoughts)

8. Ahu - To:Love (One-Handed)

9. Miles Bonny X The Ins - J Birly (Melting Pot)
10. Jono McCleery - Tomorrow (Ninja Tune)

Design: bright moments*

Compiled By: Jasmine De La Paz of Tru Thoughts Records.

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