Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reset! // The Remixes Vol. 1
Reset!, the extremely talented producers from Milan, have released a mixtape of nearly every remix they did over the last year. There are so many great tracks on this mix, including their infamous remix of Cassius's 1999.

Reset! recently killed it at Hard Festival in LA. If you missed that performance, your next chance to see them in the US is at South by Southwest and WMC. Better start booking those flights!

Graffiti 6 - Annie You Save Me (Reset! Remix)
Alex Metric - It Starts (Reset! Remix)
Katzuma - Dr. Know (Reset! Remix)
The Count & SInden - Elephant 1234 (Reset! Remix)
Goldhawks - Keep The Fire (Reset! Remix)
Hervè - Blaze It (Reset! Remix)
Fenech Soler - Stop and Stare (Reset! Remix)
Lee Mortimer & Foamo - Superman (Reset! Remix)
Fatboy Slim ‹ Hervè - Machines Can Do The Work (Reset! Remix)
Cassius - Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes (Reset! 'Trouble' Remix)
Audio Bullys - Only Man (Reset! Remix)
Cassius - 99 (Reset! Remix)
Robyn - Hang With Me (Reset! Remix)
Steed Lord - 123, If You Want Me (Reset! Remix)

Click Here to Download Reset! // The Remixes Vol.1
(HQ wav file!)

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