Monday, September 27, 2010

Hidden Orchestra - Footsteps Promo Mix
Joe Acheson / Hidden Orchestra - Footsteps Promo Mix
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-08-10

Formerly known as Joe Acheson Quartet, Hidden Orchestra combine two live drummers and deep basslines with strong jazz and classical influences, to make cinematic, emotive, percussive, next generation music using traditional instrumentation and organic samples. Celebrating the release of their free single, Footsteps, available on bandcamp, they've partnered with Tru Thoughts Recordings to offer you this amazing and exclusive mix from the bandleader Joe Acheson, who's put a lot of time and effort into the thing, even recording several pieces of new music and sound designs especially for this program!!

Download Hidden Orchestra // Footsteps Promo Mix

Tracklisting :
00:00 Footsteps - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts)
03:37 The Glasshouse With Butterfly - Tomas Dvorak (inner_fx)
03:46 Antsu's Favourite Sound (interview)
04:38 All I Need - Radiohead (Joe Acheson Refix)
05:09 Through These Veins - Afu Ra (acapella)
07:21 Braggin' Writes - J-Live (acapella)
08:57 Hani Rumba - Boban Markovic (ITMM)
10:42 Reminder - Hidden Orchestra (White Label)
10:45 Street Scene - Moondog (Prestige)
12:14 S.A.D. - DJ Slepton (film samples)
14:30 Dust - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts)
18:51 The Big Man - Joe Acheson (Big Man Walking)
24:41 Mrs Thursday - Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch (Joe Acheson Refix)
25:21 Time's Up - OC (acapella)
26:25 Happy Jizz Girls - Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
27:59 Mystik (Do It Like This) - Grand Unified (CloakXDagger)
28:12 Broad Factor - Quasimoto (acapella)
29:35 Nanorobot Tune - Tomas Dvorak (inner_fx)
32:15 Talk Show Host - Radiohead (Parlophone)
32:15 Kemuri - DJ Krush (Mo Wax)
34:14 The Burning Circle - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts)
34:50 Nut Rocker - B Bumble and The Stingers (Top Rank International)
39:33 More Powah to Yah - Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
41:54 Set It Off - Big Daddy Kane (acapella)
44:36 Wonderful Land - The Shadows (Parlophone)
45:07 Le Creation Du Monde - Darius Milhaud
45:21 Midnight in a Perfect World (Gab Mix) - DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
45:57 Between Two Worlds (BBC Radio 3 drama - excerpts feature actors Owen Teale and Madeleine Brolly)
45:51 Triodion - Arvo Pärt
46:28 Reckoner - Radiohead (Joe Acheson Refix)
46:56 Rap It Up - Phi-Life Cypher (acapella)
50:01 Made of Wood / Phi-Log - Floex (Minority)
54:07 Setting Out - Joe Acheson (Big Man Walking)
57:02 Weird Fishes / Arpeggi - Radiohead (Joe Acheson Refix)
57:08 2nd Childhood - Nas (acapella)
58:25 Teardop - Massive Attack (acapella)
61:09 Heckles From The Peanut Gallery - Controller 7 (6months)
61:42 Chicken-Bone Circuit - RJD2 (Definitive Jux)
62:49 Cload - Four Tet (The Leaf Label)
64:49 Prototype - Headhunter (Tempa)
64:53 Untold Stories - Buju Banton (acapella)
68:57 I Want My Violence Back - Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
70:37 Gypstep Beat - Spelt with a K (White Label)
72:24 The Tao of Bergerac - John Nettles (fictional audio book)
73:49 Vainamoinen - Joe Acheson (music for BBC radio documentary Sound of Snow and Ice)

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