Friday, April 24, 2009

Round Table Knights // Spring Mix 2009

Spring fever is in full effect, things are heating up causing new life to blossom all around us and the brave and noble DJ/Producer duo known as The Round Table Knights have blessed us all with the perfect soundtrack. This mix is as refreshing as an ice cold Chelada, so take off your socks, break out the flip flops and let the beat drop (Even if you're in SF freezing and getting your ass kicked every direction by the wind... use your imagination).

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MP3: Knights of the Round Table // Spring Mix 2009

Dop - Mambo Jumbo

Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam feat. Calista
Marco Carola - Drumming
Solo - Congoloid
Gregor Salto - Mexer feat Thais (Matt 3am Remix)
Lucky Charmes - This Sound Is
Mixhell - Boom Da (Downtown Remix)
Dubbel Dutch - Trollsta (Round Table Knights Remix)
Ralvero - Party People feat. Mc Boogshe (Basjackers Dub)
James Braun - Spanish Fly
Madioko N Rafika - Ellelli (Kalabrese Remix)
Solange La Frange - Grind (Round Table Knights Remix)
Blackjoy - Mercurian (Dub 1)
Moodymann - Hello 2morrow
Here We Go Magic - Tunnelvision

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