Tuesday, January 27, 2009


FIFTY24SEA Gallery at Upper Playground Seattle announce the arrival of internationally acclaimed artist N8 Van Dyke (Juxtapoz #90).
Nate (N8) Van Dyke is a prolific artist and illustrator who began drawing at the age of two and has yet to stop. N8's medium of choice ranges from: pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, gauche, acrylic and oils. His signature style can be seen in the contrast of his thin and thick lines in his pen and ink work and the high sheen contrast in his mixed media pieces. His detailed illustrations feature his heavy metal humans in their well-known future primitive apes with dark menacing personalities.
Currently residing in San Francisco, he will be gracing the Emerald City with his presence for the opening of the Seattle Upper Playground show on February 20, 2009. Check out N8 himself at www.n8vandyke.com, or befriend this gentle giant at www.myspace.com/n8vandyke.

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